Akademy 2008, public kisses and flowers

So, it is done, fini and almost over. I'm sitting here in the cantine/aula of the Nayer institute where at max 20 people are drinking cola to get some last hacking work done before they are about to leave back home. While some of the spanish speaking hackers are playing 'ping pong' (not sure if it is called ping-pong) I can safely say that the amount of people dropped down from ~300 to max. 100 at the whole campus site. This is my first Akademy experience and so far it has been a great and seriously fantastic experience.

French Fries, size comparison

Today I've been eating cheap'n'good Chinese food at a restaurant near the central train station of this beautiful town of Mechelen, togheter with a nice bunch of German KDE people. A few hours later I had to go back to the Roosendael place but outside some kind of almost-but-not-yet-a-storm was raging and everything looked cold and rainy; so I decided to go order a 'small' French Fries at a frietkot near so I had something warm for during the biketrip.

Akademy network coverage

Sitting in the room 1 at the Akademy St. De Nayer institute. Actually Torsten was supposed to have a talk about Marble, though unfortunately the beamer broke so his talk has been delayed till further notice.

To keep it short, the atmosphere, the people and of course the beer and early-morning coffee beverages are simply great.

I'm not having any numbers on the commits being made at the moment, though the network is actually quite active. This graph should resemble that at least!