Thinkpad mania!

So I've had it!, after three years of very good experiences with my Acer Aspire 3000 it started to make even more noise then it already did and it became slower and slower every day. At last FOSDEM I wanted to hook up my laptop to the wireless (which I never use anyway) connection at the event and I discovered that I'd forgot to get my BCM43xx driver working (installed Kubuntu Feisty on it, so no automatic firmware). So that was just it, the lack of a good wireless chipset, no fancy 3D stuff (sis chipset, even no simple shadows compositing worked), a very slow harddrive and simply horrible unpredictable and bad service from Acer. So in a very impulsive mood I decided yesterday to purchase myself a new laptop, after dreaming month's of it I finally settled my hunt on a Lenovo Thinkpad. Lenovo T61 (NI265NI) So after I started my google queries and review reading yesterday I decided that a Thinkpad T61 (NI265NI) would be the best choice and within budget, altough quality devices like these never have been cheap. After fiddling trough the ordering process (which resulted in a double order) I got the delivery confirmation in my mailbox at 5PM yesterday, it's going to be delivered within two or three days. Feeling like a happy little child getting his duplo-toys, simply can't wait! Though I have to resume the php code I was hacking on... Cya!


Good choice; I have a T43p which I've had for nearly three years and I still use it as my primary workstation.

Auch! According to Yahoo! Finance that would be 1600,- EUR, which is about 450 more then I had to pay or so.

Wondering about the driver... According to the upw3945 project I should use the iwlwifi driver, the iwl3945 thus. It's probably to use a deprecated and undsupported driver anyway =).

Can't wait....

Good buy. I had to get a Thinkpad T60 when I went to college. My only complaints are the price they charged me ($2500US) and the X1300 graphics chipset. Other than that, the thing's great. Built like a tank, wonderful keyboard, pretty good battery life, excellent (though non-wide) screen.

I've only had two hang-ups, and they seem to be distro-agnostic. The graphics, but that's a non-issue for you and AMD's freshly-public specs are changing that. And the ipw3945 driver doesn't like me. Your results may vary, but I've had to uninstall and redlist (SUSE calls it "Taboo") anything having to do with the ipw3945 module and instead use the iwl3945 module. SUSE, Mandriva, and Kubuntu... all of them get confused and my wireless craps out unless I specifically tell it to completely ignore one or the other.

Beyond that, though, Cheers! and enjoy your thinkpad!

Hey Maxime,
Just checked mine and my Aspire is the 3002WLMi, but I'd guess that's for 99% the same. Funny to see that the WindowsXP productcode got so hot that it has burned stripes and whole pieces of plastic got melted with the chasis surface.

The model I choose has a Intel 3945ABG chip in it, and a intel video chip as well. Hopefully Keith's drivers are good enough, I'm sure about the wireless.

Again, thanks for all the replies. I'm getting a clear picture of what to expect now!

Wow, juste like you, my old laptop is an Acer Aspire (3003WLCi) and I just got a Thinkpad R61 2 weeks ago. Everything is so much faster and the screen quality isn't on the same level. Also, it seems to be so much more well made. I just had no idea what wireless to put in it and I chose to get the default one (ath5xxx) that works well with madwifi, but if I could go back, I would choose the intel one for sure.

Hey there! Thanks for all the constructive comments in here! I'm even more looking forward right now!

I've had a thinkpad R40 for the last 4 years and a half, and I love it.
A few week ago, the wifi card died, thought. But it was a mater of second to unplug it.
I also let some beer invide the keyboard, like a friend of mine. He had to send it back to be repaired, I just had to unplug the keyboard and put it into the bath.

Only thing I miss is a faster thing, you can't use a 5 years old computer as comfortably as a brand new one.
Oh, I also miss my battery life, wich is no more than 1.5 H nowadayw, when it was more than 4 when I bought it.

For a laptop, an nice addition is the track point. Not having to carry a usb mouse everywhere is just, well, nice.

I think you will love it !

I've had my ThinkPad T61 for just over a month now, and loving it!

I'm running fine with a Z61m for nearly two years.
Tipp: is your friend :)

I've had my T61 for several months. Running Kubuntu. I absolutely love it. I suspect you will too.

Excellent choice there.I have aalyws been brought up to use windows and I got a Mac last christmas and feel like I've missed out on so much.The Mac's os is so much simpler and easier to use and the Laptops themselves are stunning.I hope to be getting myself one of the new Macbook pro Models soon.

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