Akademy network coverage

Sitting in the room 1 at the Akademy St. De Nayer institute. Actually Torsten was supposed to have a talk about Marble, though unfortunately the beamer broke so his talk has been delayed till further notice.

To keep it short, the atmosphere, the people and of course the beer and early-morning coffee beverages are simply great.

I'm not having any numbers on the commits being made at the moment, though the network is actually quite active. This graph should resemble that at least!


Yes, sure.

There is this very ancient application called EtherApe that does this.


Would be nice if we have a Qt equivalent for that..


Can you tell me how you made this graph?

Ah, well mathematically seen this sounds possible and reversible somehow. I did indeed hide those servers for privacy reasons but they are not part of the Echelon or US privacy dep. so I don't have to protect them that much, just mailservers.

Thanks anyhow.

I'd just like to pint out that blurring the IP adresses in the picture (I presume it's for privacy) is fairly insecure. I can't find the link to the original article that demonstrated why, but basically it goes like this:

Since the blur is on only part of the image, and that part has a small number of pixels, if the blur filter can be detected, then the filter can be run on each possible value of those pixels, and the result compared to that part of the blurred picture. When a match is found, then you have the original content. The difficult part is probably finding the blur filter, but you could guess and try a few blur filters from GIMP or Krita. I don't think it would take too long on a fairly fast computer.

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