French Fries, size comparison

Today I've been eating cheap'n'good Chinese food at a restaurant near the central train station of this beautiful town of Mechelen, togheter with a nice bunch of German KDE people. A few hours later I had to go back to the Roosendael place but outside some kind of almost-but-not-yet-a-storm was raging and everything looked cold and rainy; so I decided to go order a 'small' French Fries at a frietkot near so I had something warm for during the biketrip. And well, I got myself into a really cultural SHOCK. In the Netherlands, when you are ordering a small fries you do get as less fries as possible covered in this fat fluid called Mayonaise. But the defenition of the word 'small' has still to be invented here in Belgium (just like proper roads and clear roadsigns). To make it easier for everybody I've made this French Fries size comparison. If you wan't to go for 'small' fries here, be sure to ask for 'zeer kleine frieten' (very small frites), perhaps that saves you a calorybomb.

Dutch Standards

Small Size

Medium Size

large Size

Oversized Belgium Standards

Small Size

Medium Size

large Size



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I do live in the US, and while fries usually don't come with mayo I can usually find it. In the FF restaurants it can be found somewhere nearby the ketchup. In real restaurants you can ask for it.

I'm an American. I went to the Netherlands to play some /(soccer|football)/ and I think i was dehydrated for the first week because every time i went to a restaurant to eat they would serve the smallest glasses of water. In America restaurants always serve a glass of tap water with your meal for free which is normally quite large (close to a liter typically) and always refill it immediately. It took some getting used to the European way.

Hehehe, well, the diced toppings are actually small sliced square pieces of onion. Both in the Netherlands as in Belgium you can get different types of food topped with 'uitjes', ranging from fresh herring to fries.

Seriously, what are those white diced toppings (on the "Belgian small" picture) made of?

They're called CHIPS! Eating them with mayonnaise is awesome. I recently went to America and all their chips are stupid thin ones like in McDonald's. *And* they don't know the joys of chips and mayonnaise, just like Pulp Fiction said... :-P

In America, the small size of french fries typically come in a little paper bag about 8cm tall or so. French fries usually don't come with any topping here, but ketchup is typically available for them.

Those Belgian chips look fiiiiiiiiiiiine. And with a glass of Belgian beer or five: I'm geting on a boat today.

Ah, so that is actually the trick? Just eat 10% of them and spread the consuming of it out the whole week? What the heck!

Just eat them, and be happy :D Or keep some for the next day :)

I am Dutch and I live abroad at the moment, in a country where french fries with mayonnaise doesn't exist. These pictures really make me homesick! Personally, I'd opt for the last one: Belgium large size :))

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