My new mobile phone!!!

Written by Niels on

Hi folks.. It took months but I have finally decided which mobile phone is going to be with me the upcoming 2 years of my contract. I have doubted a long time about purchasing the Trolltech Greenphone but after some price comparison's with other "kool" devices I found out that this cool and trolley green lizard is way too expensive so I dropped the Greenphone...

But, I managed to get a great deal with my telephone service provider for the SonyEricsson W810i, so I ordered this awesome music jukebox and still waiting on the delivery. So, this afternoon I had some hours to learn more about it's technical features, and to be honest, this devices ROCKS! The only terrible thing about this phone is DRM, but according to some websites there are unofficial patches to the SonyEricsson OS to disable this DRM monster (has any of you experience with this?). Some cool features:

  • 2MP Camera
  • 1GB SD memory
  • 176x220Px screen
  • A "music-player only mode", very convenient for use in airplanes.
  • Radio with RDS (Radio Data Support)

Furthermore a USB cable should be in the box so I can directly mount it and put music on it. Furthermore, SonyEricsson is doing a very good job in supporting linux users. On their developer site you could find a lot of datasheets and extensive documents like AT-references (cool for scripting your phone over bluetooth or something like that). So, what about it? Neat isn't it?